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ECS Building Acquisition and on going operations

ECS Community School Fundraiser
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Our Story

ECS was the first community school in it's suburb of Port au Prince, Haiti.  It was founded over 30 years ago by a Haitian Family, when they couldn't find good schools for their own children to attend, the parents who were both teachers took matters into their own hands and opened ECS.  When it was about to close down in 2018 due to Haiti’s severe economic decline, a few Canadian friends stepped in with funding and logistical support through Haiti Mama Canada.

In a place which suffers poverty and instability, ECS now provides free admission to the majority of its students. Most of these children could not afford school otherwise.  Lack of education perpetuates cycles of poverty, social dysfunction, including violence.  Education fosters intelligence, teamwork, and a practical hope for the future. Many of our students have shown excellence.      

Currently, we are fundraising to help the school purchase a second building at a cost of $80K CAD. Our goal is to increase the access to education and increase the number of children we serve in a planned, incremental fashion.  Funds collected over the goal amount will be allocated to increasing enrollment., 


Basic Costs and Efficiency at ECS

  • The 2021 operating budget is under $50 USD per student for an ENTIRE YEAR of school, INCLUDING MEALS 
  • Staff are paid $80 USD per month, for 25 staff.
  • Our budget is about $30K USD for over 600 students  
  • Avg cost per student, including meals, for the 2021 school year, is $50 USD 
  • There are no foreign paid staff.  Our goal is to maintain strict efficiency. 
  • ECS is registered as a “community school”, a official non profit entity in Haiti  
  • School uniforms are NOT mandatory, an uncommon practice in Haiti.  Affording a uniform can pose a barrier to many children. 

Current ECS Highlights and Successes 

  • We now encompass all grades: Kindergarten to grade 12 ( Grade 12 is also called “Philo”)
  • Teachers have attended extra training, are paid regular monthly salaries, and enthusiastic about their work 
  • ECS students' average ranking on government exams have become one of the best in the area.
  • A meal program (Kantin) now feeds all students and school staff with plant-based meals. Bulk food purchases are from local farmers, supporting them. At a cost of 5-6 cents per meal.
  • A hygiene program is taught; clean drinking water is  provided via a filter
  • ECS facilitates basic immunizations for students against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B and Haemophilus influenzae type B

Educational Goals 

  • Quality education for core subjects
  • Cultural education is included 
  • Basic english language education has begun 
  • Limited computer literacy is taught
  • About 30 adult students attend classes for literacy, and some for sewing skills

Humanitarian approach 

  • The majority of our students attend for free, and are otherwise unable to pay 
  • ECS makes special efforts for local Restavek children, who suffer a type of modern slaversy as domestic servants.  This special population suffers heavy trauma and difficulties in education.  Extra social and educational support is provided for many who are years behind in their schooling. 
  • Gender equity, human rights and community responsibility are a theme in ECS education 

Future plans 

  • Our goal is to have a long term and consistent presence, while maintaining and improving the quality of education.  
  • There are a vast number of children who cannot access education. We hope to gradually increase enrollment balanced with funding, sustainability, and quality.  
  • Continued mutual responsibility and commitment with our team of staff.

*Cheques should be made to: Haiti Mama Canada 

Mail to: Haiti Mama Canada, 632 Foxwood Trail, Pickering, ON L1V 3X7

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