In Haiti, unemployment rates hover around 75%. If parents could provide for the children, there wouldn't be orphanages and foreign aid would not be necessary. Economic development is crucial in our model of restoring the family unit.

At Haiti Mama we facilitate employment in several ways. The initial step is the social workers working with the families to determine aptitude, skills, and the best plan. After that we connect families to vocational training, training in our production center, or further training and education.

Parents who are making a living wage are able to care for their children.




More and more the importance of vocational training is seen. It allows a family to work towards self sufficiency without relying on future success of international aid. While we are at the beginning stages of our vocational training programs we have seen great success in supporting life plans for our families that include them learning a trade and being able to have their own business.



We internally train Mamas and Papas to create beautiful things to sell, as a way to provide for their families. This is supported through shopping on our website and supporting the Mama Box, a subscription box creating jobs in Haiti.

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We also train our Mamas to give 1-on-1, specialized care for the children in our program. This benefits not only the mamas who are now employed but also benefits the children receiving good, quality care.

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